Procrastination: Unfriended

procrastinationProcrastination. It’s something I learned along with my ABCs at school. Straight from Latin’s mouth, procrastinationem is “a putting off from day to day.” It’s the brain in mini tantrum mode, refusing to focus, decidedly not getting down to business, slamming the door on responsibility and offering up loads of excuses on why waiting until the last minute is the best way to handle any task.

Recently I’ve noticed a trend – Saturday, wake up: no desire to go on my long run – excuses are rampant. So, I potter about, drink tea, read a chapter and while I’m washing the piled up dishes I start a gentle inner dialogue about why a long run would be the best thing that happens all day– and by the last dish I’m ready to lace up my takkies and go. I have to come at seemingly unpleasant tasks from a sideways angle as I don’t do well with head-on confrontations. Does this ring true with you? Yes, procrastination can be about fear of failure- in my case: could I run 9 miles? If I don’t try I don’t fail, right? Wrong. Turns out I could only manage 8.5 and be bushwacked for the rest of the day BUT be totally invigorated to try harder and train better so as to get those 9 miles on my next try–weird, no?

Next time I’m feeling boxed in by my brain’s delaying tactics I’m gonna take a breather and sort out what I really want– what really makes me happy, and please may I have the strength to get that last half mile.


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