6 Steps To Keep Chaos at Bay

In this hectic life, it may not be possible to keep chaos in check by simplistic endeavours. As a matter of fact, I started off today making an impressive list of things to do; time was my own and I vowed to be productive, creative, active. While taking my blood pressure, I got a work-related phone call.

Nix the list, who cares about blood pressure, jump into the shower.

So, my personal list of SIX + plan B to keep the chaos at bay?


Please note that this list of SIX + is not necessarily exclusive, demanding, infringing, coercive, nor does it come with any guarantees to reduce (or produce) chaotic tendencies. If, while trying to enact any of the above recommendations you experience any dizziness, palpitations, stress, anxiety, hyperventilation, or hysteria, please go back to the second week of February of this website: Tips to brighten up your day.


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