A Few Creative Summer Days

During the summer we average about fourteen and a half hours of daylight, so what are we doing with all that glorious, hot hot hot sunshine? Do you have fun summer projects that enliven the days and bring about a sense of satisfaction? This week we’ll be sharing what we’ve been up to with our brains and hands on these sweltering summer days.

I was given a gift card to a recently opened art supply shop and so took myself there to have a gander at their wares. It was full of the usual arty suspects: canvases, paint, brushes, etc. none of which I’m interested in at the present – but, they did have outdoor paint, so I chose a beautiful ‘Coastal Waters’ blue – think more Caribbean, less Atlantic. On two terracotta planters I first applied some painters tape, then painted on three coats to get the optimal opaque blue. For the third planter I went free hand and got a wavy thin line of terracotta in between two shades of blue. If your terracotta planters are looking a little sad, or you simply want a bit more colour in your life – paint can be a huge pick-me-up.



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