A Playlist for Yoga Asanas

I don’t listen to music while running anymore. I found that the music affected my rhythm. I did go through a number of iPods and all kinds of headphones before chucking in the lot. I listened to all kinds of music. Running alone in the dark early morning, music was a companion. Now I dig the silence.

Music does feature in all the yoga classes I have attended. Some teachers seem to pay keen attention to their music selection. When I had to put together my classes during teachers training I honestly didn’t give music a second thought whilst most of my fellow student teachers really enjoyed making playlists for their practicums. I do enjoy a good musical selection while I’m on my mat, a bad musical selection can be the most challenging part of a class. One teacher played country music the whole class and I lost my damn mind- and never revisited her class again.


When practicing yoga at home I love to put on Chopin, I begin with his Nocturnes, Op 9: No 1 in B-flat Minor. And then just go through all his Nocturnes. My practice feels like a dance.

One of my favourite teachers is a musician and he always has an awesome playlist. He had a specific playlist when he put us through the dreaded ab routine and to this day when I hear the Beatles, ‘Here comes the sun’ I feel the urge to get down on my back and begin a strenuous ab workout! Funny though, I like when I’m practicing and everything fades out, nothing features at all but my breath and the asana. I love music but I really don’t want it to interfere or feature while I practice.

Writing this week makes me feel a little old and humbug about music. So just so you know I do still love to put on the stereo and enjoy old favs: Mos Def, The Shins, Metronomy, Broken Bells, The Black Keys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Michael Jackson, the Kills, the Killers- the list is long.

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