Assault Those Cold & Flu Symptoms

Contrary to appearances, coupled with moanings about the creepiness of creeping old age, I feel blessed with good health. That claim is based on the infrequency of any attacks of colds or flu upon my person.

As FitnessFlirter recommended, I like to take preventative measures–consuming a daily dose of Vitamin C and several portions of fruit and veggies throughout the day. Another bit of strategy to keep myself strong is to try to get adequate sleep, which is sometimes easier said than done–not as easy as eating an apple, right?


Course, when snot and trauma do come my way, I let all and sundry know–just in case my sneezing, wheezing and coughing weren’t adequately audible indications.

Upon the onslaught of snot, which usually comes around with his bud, Sore Throat, I assault them with a mixture of a half glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt–gargling most of it. What I don’t gargle, i pour into the palm of my hand and gently sniff it up my nose.

My next remedy is a mixture of lemon and honey tea, imbibing that several times throughout the day: the honey for soothing and the lemon for yet more Vitamin C.

If I’ve got the energy–and the ingredients–I’ll make up a batch of chicken noodle soup, including as many veggies as I’ve got on hand. Just leaning over the simmering pot, sniffing (if possible) up the steamy goodness makes me feel like I’m at least diluting some of the germs that’ve taken up residence in my head.

I also keep a jar of honey by my bed, to have a teaspoon whenever I wake up with coughing fits.

There’s a tub of Vick’s vapor rub in my cupboard, and I’ll massage a small amount of that onto my chest before bed, just to inhale the fumes. I don’t know if there’s any merit in that remedy, but I like the smell of it. And hey, if I can SMELL it, then my passages must be opening up.

My exercise routine goes way to the back seat when I’m not feeling 100%, as RESTING is part of the cure. When sickness hinders sleep, I’ll turn on some meditative music to lull me into slumber.

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