What April has in Store

This week we’re determining what’s good about April. From planting summer veggies, and maybe cleaning the barbecue equipment in readiness for sunny spring grilling — what is it that you need from April? Maybe some kindness from strangers, a peaceful workplace, a more or less healthy body, extra moulah in the bank, more time with the family: do these all sound like things you want? Let’s get started then, shall we?

More than a few years ago my sister and I watched Enchanted April, a tale of four pale English women dreaming about escaping from dreary and rainy England to an Italian castle on the Mediterranean, and is based on Elizabeth von Arnim’s 1922 novel. The women are transformed by their Italian adventures, the sunny climate making them blossom from pale buds into passionate hothouse-like roses. So yeah, that’s what I want from my April.


Alas, there is no Mediterranean castle in my future, and the Pacific is way too cold for a convivial dip – so I am forced to create my own hothouse-like conditions — like most of us, I suspect. What can a girl do to evoke that mood of pleasant escape while still in the harness of day-to-day responsibilities? Start slow, and build the anticipation. Plan for delicious meals, and then create them, with family and friends if possible – hello, rowdiness. Take a wildflower hike and let the oranges, purples and pale pinks give your brain a wash. On a sunny day, lay out with a favorite drink and book and soak up some Vitamin D. Visit the nearest large body of water with a picnic basket, lovely hat, relaxed mind, your peeps, and enjoy your own enchanted April.

[Img.Src: Castello Brown in Portofino]

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