Fun Ways to Overthrow Stress


Cortisol, cortisol, cortisol please don’t run amok today – I’d like to remain on an even keel and love this day. Ok? Yes, it’s good in small doses, keeps us on our toes in frightening situations, but a continual stream can be just a bit too much for the body to handle. I searched the interwebs for female gurus who offer fun ways to deal with stress, and heads up folks, Oprah’s cornered the market on kicking the stuffing outta stress… everyone else sticks to the faithful 3– eating right, exercising and sleeping 8 hours a night.

For your consideration then, here are stress routing tidbits gleaned from

1.)  Chew gum – the act funnels more blood to the brain, possibly making you more alert and more thoughtful of your actions.

2.)  Drink Black Tea – about 4 cups worth might lower your cortisol levels. Guess those English folks have it right pouring tea at the drop of an emotional hat.

3.)  Massage yourself – grab a tennis ball and using the palm of your hand roll it over any tense muscles – this helps calm the sympathetic nervous system.

4.) Listen to your favorite tunes – reduces the level of stress hormones, especially if an impromptu dance party happens.

5.)  Hypnosis! – done by a professional the effects are similar to meditation in helping with a shift in a stressful attitude. Check out your local Yelp for reviews on peeps with the best reputations – no one wants to be clucking like a chicken at odd moments…

6.)  Knitting or Crocheting – the repetitive motion brings on a relaxation response which is similar to meditating in that it slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, as well as leading to afghans, scarves and socks.

7.)  Fragrance Therapy – find your go-to aroma and light a candle after a stressful day, or keep an unlit one on your desk at work to sniff after altercations with unhelpful co-workers, bosses or clients.

8.) Drink Smoothies – the veggie and fruit based ones for their anti-oxidants which help relieve inflammation and keep you in fighting form.

9.) Blow Bubbles – uh, yeah! Cause it’ll make you concentrate on your breathing– and who doesn’t like bubbles?

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