Change Up Workout Motivation

As a contributor to MoveGirlGO, my aim is to share my motivations to exercise, and what keeps me inspired, and what holds me back. I’m guessing that whomever is reading this wants to get motivated, get inspired, or remove a barrier to exercise.

Maybe you’re working hard. Bloody hard. But, you’re feeling your efforts aren’t paying off? I’m hoping that you won’t allow yourself to give up, and you won’t allow others to suggest to you that giving up is an option.

Here are a few tidbits of advice that I myself follow in the pursuit of fitness day after day:

Variety — It’s worth it, I believe, to make an effort to mix up the types of workouts — the choices are nearly infinite, and in any given day/week there are endless possible combinations of different cardio-vascular exercises, strength training/weight-lifting, and balance/stretching.

Routine — I recommend making exercise a part of your daily schedule rather than something you do when you have time/think about it/get around to it.

Quantifiable Goals and Record-Keeping — I’ve found that if my fitness goals are quantified and written down, I have a much greater chance of accomplishing them. Also, I take the time to keep records of progress towards my goals. Try adopting the mind-set “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen!”

The take-away from this post isn’t to tell you what to do or make your think like me; but rather, I wish that others simply consider my ideas and use them as they see fit.

A final thought: We’re not in this race alone. And you can just envision that occasionally along the way there’s someone cheerily calling out to you, maybe with a megaphone: “Move Girl GO!”

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