Summer is Here Again

Here in the northern hemisphere today marks the official first day of summer – all we can expect from the next few months is heat heat heat. Some folks love this season the most, while others pine for cool winds and raindrops. Whatever your fancy, compare notes with us this week as we delve into what we’ll be up to this summer season.

For my summer fun there are only a few things I’ll be focusing on: my 100 Days Endeavor, volunteering at the VA and working on my tan, or rather, freckle assemblage. I won’t be traveling or camping, but there will be beach visits.


Summer is always a hard adjustment for me as I find temperatures over 80 degrees tough to handle. I identify with cultures that have siestas during the hottest part of the day, ’cause who can think when white hot sunshine is blazing across the latitudes? Alas, I don’t live in one of those good countries… but with global warming maybe these too hot for teacher temperatures will make the U.S. evolve into thinking afternoon naps, for everyone, are the best way to get work done…?

Meanwhile, I’ll be putting up my blackout shades and retreating into my cave, staying cool with iced water and keeping the fan whirring.

[Img.Src: Battery Park, NY, 1911 Heat Wave]

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