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Taking the Plunge

FitnessFlirter: A few weeks ago I started swimming lessons at my gym. I love the water and am usually the first one to sign up for snorkeling or scuba while on vacation, so using the pool as another form of exercise seemed like a natural fit for me. However, asking my 40-something body to learn this new form of fitness has become challenging and at times amusing. There are three basic focus points right now: arms, legs, and breath.


My arms seem to be focused on grace, probably due to my history of dance. My legs have been focused on speed, more than likely due to my love of cycle class. My breathing is all over the map. At times I am at peace and then other times I am gasping for air. When all three components are put together we have a chaotic abstract piece of art that is hard to understand. For me, there is so much beauty in the art of the process. I am looking forward to the day that all three components come together and create that elegant glide that soothes the soul.

Doling Out Lifestyle Advice

Mizzfit: Out of all of Jane Austen’s characters, Emma Woodhouse from ‘Emma’ is my least favorite as she is quite the know-it-all and loves to dole out advice on love and partner match-ups — not that she actually knows anything worthwhile! I found a YouTube series that’s based on the novel, and it’s amusing, and shows Ms. Woodhouse going through many mortifying moments – so, I thought I’d share the first episode of ‘Emma Approved’.

[Img.Src: 1939 swimmers]

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