Calling Attention to Special Bits

Oftentimes it seems we can go many days without thinking about our bodies, how hard they work, or how the invisible systems keep on going undirected – but maybe we don’t need to keep a constant vigilance on our limbs and organs. Still, it’s nice to appreciate our favorite parts now and then, so that’s what this week will be about – our special bits, yours, mine and a few other bipeds.

Special bits, hmmm? I’m a Pisces, so I could go the cliched route and choose my feet, but where’s the fun in that? Lately, my calves have been top dog in getting this girl to the top of hills, running like I have mountain goat ancestry. I first noticed how strong they were during my first evening body scan meditation. There they were, my lower legs, previously uncelebrated, but now wholly embraced and given many thanks for every step.


I think what kept me from loving my calves was their lack of daintiness and shapeliness – and there ain’t nothin’ a girl can do about that, hello genes, thanks for blessing me with the inability to fit into standard knee-high boots. But after the experience of hiking up steep redwood trails I’m past caring what they look like, I’m feeling blessed that my tibias and fibulas are friggin’ rock steady and ready for adventures.

[Img.Src: skeletal calves, muscular lower legs]

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