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Where Has All the Time Gone??

LaFitterina: This week my thoughts were infiltrated by MoveGirlGO’s preoccupation with a fictional potential impending End of the World. During my otherwise trite activities, I caught myself thinking about whether or not I would want more than a week’s warning. I concluded that’s probably about the right amount of time to spend on regrets, hand-wringing, and dread.

3_retired_womenI also found myself wondering whether or not those ‘in charge’ (Government or World Powers) could or would actually withhold the information about earth’s destruction until the very last minute. I wouldn’t put it past them, and I might even be grateful if they did so.

I’m constantly forgetful that the end of the world is always imminent for all of us. Rather than a week’s notice, we all get an average of 70 or 80 years of warning that the end is coming. But we (speaking for myself, anyway) squander so much of that time on chores, driving, trivialities, TV, and other mindlessness. Add to that the time spent trying to get by in school and work, plus sleeping, and presto, life has passed by, without me doing much of anything worth noting. Bummer.

I want to end the week with something more upbeat, so here’s a recent example of something that wasted my precious time, and it seems very important for me to pass on, so you, too, can waste time thinking that it is so cool and wonderful: Tom Hiddleston reading poetry.

Good Posture = Good Exercise

Ms. Bockle: There are some benefits to being stuck at red lights, slow traffic and behind wide-assed trucks: I now have a 3-pronged exercise routine that I follow when traveling between destinations becomes slow, or even to a dead stop:

  1. Pull the shoulders back, sit up tall–so that your head feels like it’s being suspended from the roof of the car.
  2. Stick the chest out, while not arching your back.
  3. Suck in your belly button so that it touches your spine. Feel those tummy muscles tighten.
  4. Tighten-up your nether regions–as if you’re holding tightly to a nearly bursting bladder.

Sometimes it’s good to do these exercises one at a time, as multi-tasking doesn’t always benefit all the different components; sometimes one is left weaker than the others. I find this especially true with #3 of the above: it likes to have undivided attention, for some reason.


Doing these exercises has helped me be more conscious of my posture, has strengthened my tummy muscles, and–well, it’s good to be tight and firm everywhere. And it’s really great to keep the body moving and active even while sitting in traffic. As the saying goes: If you’ve been slouching all your life, standing up straight is a form of exercise.

Let’s Hear It For Mr. Emerson

Mizzfit: Sometimes when life is dim and dreary, words are the only thing – strung together all pretty like – that save us from throwing in the towel:


[Img.Src: 3 retired women, good posture]

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