For the Love of Running

Along with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, November is known for its Turkey Trots – those 5k and 10k races held in numerous towns across the country. People in their thousands turn out to support local causes, and to race in the cold morning air. So this week we’ll be sharing our favorite races, what made them memorable and why we would do more, or not.

Yesterday I participated in one of the National Veterans Day Runs held in a town nearby, choosing the 5k distance. It was a beautiful 60 degree morning with light clouds and a fresh breeze; parking was manageable and the starting line relatively easy to find. After picking up my t-shirt and bib I got to see the half-marathon peeps start, they looked excited and raring to go.


During the wait until our race started – 5k & 11k – I stood in line at the porto-potties for 25 minutes, good times, but, a girl’s gotta be ready, right? While sitting on a bench in the sun I got to chatting with the woman alongside me, and it turns out she loved to race. We chatted about running right up to the start, and along with the thumping music I was energized to run. Thank goodness for friendly women.


Such a lot of build-up! and then we were running – dodging slower peeps, finding the right pace, enjoying the trail through the woods, listening to the many footsteps and some heavy-breathing, having volunteers point out the way, getting to the turn-around point and knowing I was already half-way done – enjoying every step. The best part, of course, was sprinting to the finish line, passing folks, and being handed a finishing medal. I recommend that if there’s a Turkey Trot near you that you sign up, and go join your fellow running & walking fans for a morning race, it’s a good way to start the day.

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