Fresh Starts – Enter 2016

The last month of 2015 was awesome in all ways, offering up ways to get in touch with friends and family, baking, traveling to Morro Bay, celebrating Christmas on Boxing Day, AND—according to my Fitbit—clocking 2,000 more steps than my weekly average, for the entire month of December.


There are a couple reasons my exercise routine has taken a nose dive so far in this first week of January. Steps are way down, and aside from Yoga, I’ve not pursued the varying kinds of exercises I usually enjoy—and that’s due to two things: the very cold wintry weather, which I know is not an acceptable excuse, plus I’ve got aches in feet, ankles, knees and back. In fact, when I was applying WD40 to a door’s squeaky hinge this morning, I was thinking how awesome it would be if the stuff worked on my various joints.

However! Just because the first few days of 2016 have been a bit of a physical downer, I’m still excited about new beginnings and fresh starts on all days. A lot has to do with energizing my mind, trying new art projects, new media + keeping up with what I’m more familiar with.

This year also offers chances to try different and undiscovered things to do, trails to hike, people to meet, and also a chance to get rid of clutter—a spring cleaning that lasts all year—with monthly visits to the goodwill with bags of stuff that’s cramping my space. And speaking of people to meet, ramp up my exercise routine to include events that involve meeting new people.

I live in hope—thanks for new beginnings, 2016!

[Img.Src: Seated Skeleton, 1931]

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