Getting Reacquainted with Joy

Whenever we move to a new neighbourhood I have to orient myself by running and walking around the new (for me) streets. We finally received the first shipment of our household goods and in the boxes were my new red Hunter galoshes. So in my spanking new most awesome boots I have begun again mapping my new neighbourhood by tromping the lanes and trails that are like a pile of cooked spaghetti here. I’m a little intimidated by how very foreign everything feels, venturing forth requires much winter gear and a big side of chutzpah.


I find myself looking forward to my walk, and remember how much I do indeed love to walk and tromp in the woods. Looking for landmarks so I can find my way back- the trails are covered with all sorts of different treads, paw prints and ski tracks- figure out which are mine to find my way back! I’m a genius! Tilly turns into a dogalope and bounds thru snow drifts – I’m sure she’ll get snatched up by a snow leopard or some other snow beast. We both run down hills and we both slip and slide on the ice- I wonder if I look as funny slipping as she does. Getting out and reacquainted with walking with my dawg is a joy. Freaking cold, but a joy.

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