A Glimpse Into My Ideal Day

When I wake up on my ideal day, it definitely would be in a much more sumptuous environment than my actual bedroom because I would be living in my dream house.


My morning weigh-in would show that I’d magically shed 3+ pounds. A few cups of hot strong decaf from Starbucks would be waiting for me.


My mundane daily chores would be accomplished without effort on my part. My hair, makeup, and outfit would all be perfect.


I’d be transported to the gym for a fun-filled workout.


Most likely, I would spend time shopping, finding just what I’ve been wanting, at terrific bargain prices. Going into my ceramics studio, I would find that my creative abilities had been miraculously increased, enabling me to create some spectacular pieces. A healthy, tasty (and of course low-calorie) dinner with ample dessert(s) would appear on my table.


At the end of the day, my bed would have fresh sheets and my sleep would be rejuvenating.


Also, this blog would write itself. That’s pretty much all I would expect of an ideal day.


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