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Family Night

FitnessFlirter: Last weekend my sister, niece, and I made lasagna. This normally isn’t that big of a deal, but we made it from scratch. The sauce started from tomatoes that were cooked down with herbs and garlic. The noodles were rolled out and then pressed through the hand cranked machine.


This process reminded me of my time with my Italian grandmother, during my summer vacations when I was a teen, learning how to cook. We would make sauce, ravioli, all different kinds of pasta, and my favorite – cookies. My grandmother is no longer with us, but her recipes and love remain embedded in my memory.

Our night last weekend was filled with great food, a little wine (for the adults), and ended with family game night. The laughter has stuck with me all week.

A Little Competition is Healthy

Mizzfit: While running on Tuesday my thighs were being extra curmudgeonly, complaining all the way – that is, until I heard footsteps behind me. It was another runner. I thought, if this person wants to pass I’m gonna make ’em work for it – and so I increased my pace slowly but steadily.


A few blocks later, at a stop sign, a tall older running fellow passed me saying, You have a nice steady pace, I’ve been chasing you for… He didn’t finish the phrase, guess he didn’t want to say how long. But, I felt I owed him some honesty so said, Well, I heard footsteps so I sped up, how ’bout that! And you know what? For the rest of the run my thighs had no complaints, a little competition made them happy.

[Img.Src: Running Officers 1918]

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