Healthy 5 Balancing Act

boy floating 5I know that I could be healthier. Just like anyone out there with a computer and or t.v I have access to a wealth of information of all the ways in which I could be more able-bodied. I could lose some weight. I could watch a little less t.v. I should wear sunblock more diligently. I should cut back on making and eating rice pudding. But I probably won’t.

I think that with everything we do for ourselves; eat, drink, work and play there should be a balance.

bellowsblue_1I take care of my home, two teenage boys, two cats and a dog. I also take care of myself; I make sure that I get to my vinyasa yoga class 5 to 6 days a week. While yoga classes do keep my body in shape they also bring about equanimity throughout my whole day. When I take the time for myself in this manner I know that I perform much better as a caretaker and caregiver. bellowsblue_2Practicing yoga led to meditation. I meditate first thing in the morning and again in the evening. This too helps me feel balanced and more in control of my mind. It brought about a new awareness of my old thinking patterns, habits and tendencies, thus making changes manageable.   bellowsblue_3The combo of yoga and meditation has driven me to make a conscious decision to slow down on drinking alcohol. Keeping a clear head and clean body is way more balanced and healthy than waking up and trying to run off the ghost of some ‘crazy vodka-drink shenanigans you got up to last night, girl!’   bellowsblue_4We eat pretty healthy ’round here. We try to cook balanced tasty meals. But I do love butter, salt, chocolate, steak, espresso, and pizza. So my answer to all of that is moderation. And if you blow it – run a couple more miles tomorrow!   bellowsblue_5Another necessity for me, and a source of true joy is spending time with the people in my life.  Taking time for phone calls with far away loved ones, being with my boys, and spending time with girlfriends, all are must haves.

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