A Hedonistic Beauty Routine

Having a post workout and beauty spritz is such a fantastic idea, since after all that slogging, heaving, puffing, and sweating, one deserves a bit of a hedonistic experience.

Since my routine is so variable, most times if I get yoga and weights into my day, they’re sandwiched in between washing the dishes and doing the laundry. Those great days of taking a 3 mile brisk walk are usually followed by a brisk shower—with my newly discovered invigorating peppermint soap—and my thoughts focused on the next activity.


Whoa~! Time to slow it down a pace. My hedonistic pleasures after the ideal exercise routine, be it yoga, walking, or a trip to the gym, are:

  • slathering herbal scented conditioner on my tangled masses
  • wrapping up said hair in a towel (warmed in the microwave)
  • applying a hydrating facial mask
  • putting on an Asian silk robe
  • getting my very cool/hot/vibrator foot bath ready
  • lighting scented candles
  • finding mood enhancing music
  • sticking feet in aforementioned foot bath
  • sitting on the couch with a good book

Simmer for half an hour, then jump in the shower. Rinse. (Don’t necessarily repeat. Or do).

[Img.Src: Oriental harem and scenery, 1862]

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