A Vocabulary of Positives

positive_negative_rosesI like this topic of creating a positive environment to counteract the negative. First off, I’m going to have my zinging positive energy juice me up as I rise in the morning, ready for whatever comes my way, equipped with enthusiasm for great ideas and tolerance for anything else. I will continue through the day, barricading negative thoughts, doubts, guilt, anger, self-pity, regret…yikes, there I go, enumerating all that can go wrong.

What to do on those occasions when I just can’t tap into that well of zany zangy optimism? One great idea is to create an environment, a space to own, a peaceful go-to place. Where the photos, artwork and décor is an expression of the inner self. A place to thrive, feel secure and accepted, breathe in deeply; exhale loudly, a place of comfort and rest. Could be a bathroom, studio, a corner in the garden, anywhere but under a rock.

taking_over_the_negativesAfter succeeding in making that environment, what happens when I still can’t ignore those hopeless feelings since they just won’t mutter profanities and meekly fade away? What if I have the positive forces at my disposal ready to face down those nay-sayers? How about joy, creativity, peace, exuberance, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, zeal, enthusiasm, compassion…

Yes, but it’s not about the bantering of words, or a test to see which side has the larger vocabulary. It’s: What to do when that seemingly all-engulfing suffocating lethargy strikes? I don’t pencil it in on the calendar; it comes on suddenly—unbidden and unwelcome. Knowing it’s going to arbitrarily strike, I’m coming up with a plan of sorts. I’ve got the great go-to place; now I need a plan of action. I need something to DO. What is it that gives me delight? I’ll choose one or some of these to chisel the way out of the grey pit:


Quite often, my therapeutic uplift is getting stuck into my garden, which could well be a futile effort, counteracted by bugs, weeds, neglect, drought and/or hailstorms. Regardless, I find infinite pleasure when viewing the colours competing with each other: purples, oranges, reds and all sorts of greys and greens. I love seeing plants growing up against each other, spilling, mingling, blowing in the breeze, searching for sunlight, attracting bees and butterflies if I’m lucky.

I’m determined to equip myself with some tools to have ready to counteract apathy and lethargy, whatever erodes my energy whenever it appears. Don’t give up, don’t give in and affirm what I know about myself. It’s what you know about yourself:



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