Are You Stressed Out Yet?

One would think, that by the age of 65, one would not have such shock at the rapid pace of life, the disrespect of youth, or the fast and sudden changes appearing on the horizon.

We’re faced with shrinking islands, rising oceans, inept governing officials, flabby arms, arthritic joints, high prices, fools driving at high speeds, news accosting our ears every second of new negative nastinesses happening very nearby every second.

Yep! Thanks to the internet and the misguided media we’re blessed and cursed with immediate, intimate, and detailed news of what’s happening in our neighborhood, state, country, and so on, ad nauseum.


Just in case you weren’t stressed at the beginning of my post, I so much wanted to share with you–and cause you to experience with me–modern day stress. One would think that there was no solution, no answer, no way to avoid a complete meltdown.

Like, how many hours every day do you need to go to the gym, run round the park, lift weights, stretch, swim, jog, inhale, exhale, do yoga, to counter act all the stresses in life?

Excuse me, I need to get a drink.

It’s mindfulness. The answers are around us. Nature is calling for us to engage our spirits, to breathe in fresh air in deep breaths, to close our eyes, be calm, relax. Imagine ourselves by the ocean, or in space with the stars. Picture a babbling brook, gently flowing over rocks. More deep breaths. You’re floating with the moons of Jupiter. Empty your mind of turbulent issues, misguided decisions, irritating relatives, bossy people, weeds, pollution, the elections, nosey neighbors, bad drivers, WHOOPSIE!! Take a deep breath, relax, and start again. No one said it would be easy. Take a mindful moment to be thankful for friends, family and flowers, waterfalls, gently rolling hills…

[Img.Src: Syndney traffic 1960, Garbage Dump 1973, Sawmill 1939, Nixon elections 1960]

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