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Today’s Outfit is a Hit

LaFitterina: As I’ve said in previous posts, my morning ritual includes figuring out what outfit I should wear for my daily visit to the gym — top, bra, pants and jacket. I usually accessorize with a silver or gold chain, since I’m trying to get some more use out of the jewelry I used to wear to work. Sometimes I even put on earrings. Of course, I’m always wearing my FitBit.


Then, at the gym, I like to keep an eye out for what the other women are sporting in the way of clothes, always on the lookout for something I can adopt to enhance my look (imitation is the greatest form of flattery). I don’t hesitate to pester perfect strangers with “I love that — Is it new? — Where did you get it?” And I’m always pleased when people do the same to me — yippee, my outfit is a hit! Getting admiring comments always contributes to my positive feelings about working out and greatly helps my motivation to keep coming back to the gym.

Thanks, Ms. Tina

Mizzfit: This week I’ve been wondering what the point of it all is. Does that ever happen to you? Life isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it just feels like a chore. Sounds a trifle woe is me, yes? And then I found this interesting video from Overall Adventures. It leaves me feeling better. To stop moping and look out for the good. Cheers to a universal weekend.

[Img.Src: Ladies’ Home Journal, 1889]

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