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The Benefits of Beer with Friends

St. Swartz: Today I write of beer. I know that we all work hard to stay in health and good form, but I must proclaim the benefits of balance, and with that interweb people, I bring you beer. A good day of work celebrated with beer. I like to drink it, (the first beer of the evening) in the shower- cold yeasty suds with warm soapy suds- a beautiful equation.


It’s a prize after mowing the lawn, a celebration of beauty and life to share with the salty spray of the ocean, a quench with a friend over the barbecue grill, a beer for you my chili pot and a beer for me- helps with tears shed over chopped onion, a preflight beer to begin a night of dancing and hooliganism, a beer in the afternoon to celebrate adventure with a traveling companion in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Waikiki, or Brussels.


I don’t recommend vast quantities- I recommend savoring the beverage, savoring the experience. A good experience befitting a good beer.

Stay thirsty my friends.

A Little Wrecking is in Order

LaFitterina: This week’s writings concerning clean slates made me think of home remodeling projects as a “clean slate” opportunity. Such projects generally require clearing out old spaces, throwing out loads of accumulated garbage, temporarily existing in make-shift and unsettling chaos. When people drop by in the midst of the project, they exclaim “I can’t believe you’re living like this.” After many weeks or months, you end up with a better space and, as part of moving into it, you’re forced to reorganize and rethink your old ways.


Personally I’ve been inspired to undertake a big remodeling project affecting all the rooms I occupy, commencing after New Year’s. The plans involve knocking out walls, raising ceilings, bumping out windows, and making everything look new. It will ultimately result in a vast improvement in my life and lifestyle, and I’m looking forward to the many ways it will change me as a person — truly a fresh start!

A Bit of Personal Reinvention

Ms. Bockle: It’s now the end of a week that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to, what with harried scheduling demands on my time and psyche. I tried to put on my positive professional face and take one day at a time. And of course with this week of lovely rains, it was time to be uplifted and energized by the dark grey skies, the sound of rain, and seeing children splashing in puddles. In spite of all those good quality occurrences, I’m still thinking of changing my career.women_working

I saw some videos of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch this week, and saw that there are some serious measures that need to be taken to protect the oceans–and I’d like to be part of that. Here we go, I’m 64, and I need to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I don’t want the number of years I’ve been on the planet to be a naysayer for me making any necessary changes in my life.

I’m going to be smart about this, even crafty and wise–not burning any bridges or any of that worrisome stuff. But I’m going to actively be scouting out different avenues I can venture down to add more quality to my life. It’s too precious to fritter it away in the company of ungrateful consumers, while not making any headway in improving my heart, mind, body, community or planet.

What’s Your Holiday Catnip?

Mizzfit: Enjoy the little moments, like Simon’s Cat!

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