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Have Pockets, Will Carry Poems

Ms. Bockle: As I was a guest teacher in several different classrooms this week, I was browsing around some of the work on the walls, and came across this poem; the sentiments stayed with me:


I like that she switched the poem and the picture around in the last verse.

When I got home—since I didn’t write it down—I googled the first line and good old google came up with dozens of images and poems. So here’s another poem for you:


I get energized by poetry written for children; I’m sure you can see why—the essential goodness can be for adults too.

Welcome to The Land of Slumber

LaFitterina: I’ve compiled the following tips designed to promote a good night’s sleep. It’s always restorative to settle into a freshly made bed after a long day. Crisp sheets, cozy blankets, and fluffed-up pillows will help send you to dreamland.


If your day didn’t go well or you’re feeling a bit under the weather, changing the sheets is like giving yourself a gift.

Choose sheets made of breathable natural fibers that feel good against your skin, like pure Egyptian cotton, pima cotton, brushed cotton flannel, or cotton sateen. Look for sheets with a higher thread count — they’re more durable and feel softer.

For extra comfort, add an ultra-comfortable mattress topper to sit on top of the mattress pad (I also recommend that your mattress pad be high-quality and ‘fluffy’). I found a great queen topper for under $30 at Ross — it really transformed the way my bed feels.

A cuddly throw adds softness to the foot of the bed, and comes in handy when you’re sitting up in bed to read on a chilly night.

Lay a fluffy rug beside the bed, so that your first step is plush and warm.

Enjoy your snooze-fest!

Rockin Around the Clock

Mizzfit: While on a run this week Bill Haley’s song, ‘Rock Around the Clock’ popped into my noggin and it seemed pretty apt to share it as our week has been all about time. Cheers, and check out those gum-snappin’ kids, jawin’ away like gum had just been invented!

[Img.Src: Children & Stars, Girl Dancing, 1921 Bedroom]

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