500 Times Over


Today marks our 500th post, and in honor of this exciting occasion of many words and images under the MoveGirlGO bridge we’re going to share different versions of 500 – the good, the bad and the quirky.

During morning meditation we’re advised to focus on the breath, so I did, and wondered how many breaths we took every day – it averages out to about 25, 000, which is 500 fifty times over, and for only 20 minutes of those am I mindful of breathing, sheesh. A far more pernicious mindless activity/habit I’m trying to curb is the eating of potato chips. Have I eaten 500 bags in my life so far? I tried to imagine that amount of bags stacked up, and failed. That’s a lot of chips.


When I started to tally up things of which I’ve consumed 500 of or more, it became quite a long list – all the fruits and veg, M&M’s, bottles of Coke Zero, cups of tea, jars of peanut butter, etc. And then there are the runs I’ve gone on, the jumping jacks, sit-ups, we won’t say push-ups, lengths of the pool, and much worse—the hours spent on the couch. Or how about books read, movies & TV episodes watched, and magazines flipped through? That’s a lot of content in a girl’s life, many 500s, some mindless, some not so good for me. I’ve started to think about my next 500. And yes, it’s extraordinarily hard to be mindful, our brains work against us, and habits never really die, but doesn’t that make it much more kickass when we do succeed?

[Img.Src: Lay’s Potato Chips]

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