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40 Days of Human Contact

LaFitterina: It came to my attention that this week brought us Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and the 40-day countdown to Easter (i.e., Lent).

Let’s look a little closer at that 40-day countdown. I have never in my life promised to forego some favorite thing of mine for Lent. But now it strikes me that we can look at this as a great 40-day window of opportunity for turning over a new leaf, reinventing something about ourselves, achieving a short-term goal, or improving something.


And, I just learned that this year even the Pope has pointed out the superficiality of giving up things like chocolate, booze, or carbs (my words, not his). Pope Francis has a different idea — that we should all give up our indifference towards others. Food for thought!

Too Much Gadget Love

Ms. Bockle: I believe that we’ve all read reports over the last few years about how technology, specifically the iPhone, has taken over the lives of millions of people.

too_much_gadget_loveIs it because of the gadget itself, or the strong addiction to be in continual contact with people, that the ‘smart phone’ is now used while driving, eating, watching movies, live shows, sports games–almost every occupation one can think of?

People can be seen at social gatherings not speaking with those around them, and the only eye contact occurring is between themselves and their phone.

It might be time to loose our hold on our gadgets and grasp a chance to get to know ourselves, our surroundings, and each other on a more than superficial level.

How about an entire day spent without the electronic gadgets we hold dear, then a weekend, and then–?

To see a man missing out on life because of his gadget, check out this photo & story by Eric Smith.

A Tale of Modern Love

Mizzfit: When I watched this video about smartphone addiction I couldn’t help but think – what on earth are all these people looking at on their phones? What could be so enthralling and so absorbing? And who is profiting from them being hooked up to a wifi teat, sucking down electronic drivel all day? And then I remembered— I too put content on the internets and maybe shouldn’t be too quick to judge, hmmm. Cheers to a lovely productive weekend!

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