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A fluid start to the day

Ms Bockle: You may have heard about one magical property of water—how it’s got these special ions that splash around and give off a good vibe. Some people have miniature fountains in their living rooms, or larger ones in their gardens, and there are always loads of people who gather by waterfalls; beaches are also marvellous producers of these great ions.

lovely pacific

Myself, I wash dishes early in the morning, and call it my water therapy. In the absence of a fountain, waterfall or the seaside, I’ll get my ions through watery activities. The best-ever start to a day I had recently involved a series of water-related activities. After washing the dishes, I did some hand-laundry, followed by a 30 minute workout in the pool. Then I had to shower and wash my hair. What a great zinger of a way to get the day started. The only small issues were that my hair stayed wet for hours and my nose wouldn’t stop running.

That start to the day washed a load of stress away, and increased the desire to keep on moving.

“If we’re gonna live, let’s make it quality, ok?”

LaFitterina:  My growing-up years were spent avoiding sports and sweat.  Then, at the ripe age of 32 (when, luckily, braided terrycloth sweatbands were in style) I discovered — and fell in love with — TV aerobics:  Joanie Greggains on Morning Stretch.  Writing this, I just discovered archives of Joanie on Youtube, so I am happily revisiting my sweaty past . . .


St. Swartz:

Don’t let go, endure

Mizzfit: I saw the original of this video, it was a BBC production – “Life in Cold Blood” – narrated by the coolest dude to ever travel the globe, David Attenborough. This section below stuck with me and I remembered it on my run while going up hills – gotta fight off critical thoughts & bad habits. And no matter how hard it gets, you have to keep struggling for your good slice of magic. Plus, the female turtle is pretty freakin amazing!

Cheers to having an adventure on the weekend!

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