Ready for Leap Day Adventures?


Perhaps the best thing that could happen on Leap Day is the feeling of being ready for adventures. I’m not sure I even know what that feels like, though. Is it anxiety? Nah. It’s gotta be excitement. Maybe those two states of mind look very alike under the microscope— pulse erratic, heartbeat fast, breathing shallow —but their affect on us is totally different. Totally.

On a recent phone call with my brother I was bemoaning the fact that it seems time is flying by – and what on earth can I do to slow it down. He says to remember what it was like to look forward to something when we were kids, like school holidays, and how they never seemed to come, and the school days went so slowly. How’s that gonna help, I wondered? Well, he says, put things in your calendar that you can look forward to, man, then time will slow down again as you impatiently look forward to the event. And that’s what I’ve done, put Leap Day in, scheduled my events, and I believe I feel a wee bit excited already, and the sunrise took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get here. Thanks, bro.

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