Run run running on a roadtrip

For this last week of August we’ll be doing a virtual show-&-tell of our favourite workout gear. I don’t know about you but I like to increase the odds of some exercise happening in my day, and I find that having the right gear raises the chance of me lacing up my takkies. Let’s get this show-&-tell started shall we, who’ll volunteer first to get the ball rolling?

Me, me, here in the 3rd row…


I’m still on my road-trip— enjoying new sights, interacting with a much more diverse bunch of people then I normally do in my hermit-like existence. And what has made this North/West trip so much better is the time I get to explore the neighborhoods while running. Yesterday I ran across a pistachio-green bridge with the sun rising and air quite still. And a couple days before I’d been running near Lake Washington listening to the whizz of bicycles as they whooshed by. On all these runs I’m consistently reaching for the same pair of tights: my to-the-knee Sauconys with an orange stripe, and yes, I’m washing them between runs! They are a TJMaxx special, and I don’t overheat or sweat too much, which is great for running in 80 degree heat. A girl likes a reliable pair of lycra tights, yes?

[Img.Src: Lake of the sky, 1915]

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