Let’s Derail Life’s Stressors

Here we are at the beginning of a new week, ready, willing and somewhat able to get on with it. How many of us have an appointment or an obligation coming up soon that is causing stress or worry? Do you find that said stressor infiltrates happy moments with its dark cloud on the horizon? This week we’ll be sharing how we deal with the build-up of stress, and how we endeavor to take back our lives from being overwhelmed with anxiety or worry.

My big stressor is coming on like a freight train on Wednesday at 8 AM.  Let’s just say it involves the judicial system, and I have a minor role to play helping someone else navigate through a few hours in a courtroom. I have to keep reminding myself that it won’t be as stressful for me as for the person I’m accompanying – they have a much heavier load. But my brain, y’know, it keeps bleating out the worry of buggering up somehow, not helping but hindering. Sheesh.


To combat the stress I have four remedies: meditation, mindfulness, yoga and You-Tube. I recently came across the Mindful magazine and its good website with many tips on how to create calm spaces in the mind and life. And there I found this great post by Mr. Willard, on meditation, it explains a lot. And peeps know why yoga helps, keeps me in tune and aware. Finally, the You-Tube videos I watch help at the end of the day to let the brain unwind and take a breather.

And when we have to face our stressor? How do these remedies help? Well, they create a base from which I draw strength to remain calm, to take slow deep breaths, to remind myself it’s not all about me, to be mindful of how I can help, not hinder. That’s the hope anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes…

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