Learning New Meditation Tips

We’re at the near start of a new month, another new beginning in 2016. It’s been said that an unexamined life isn’t worth living, well, how about one where we learn nothing new? Doesn’t that lead to stagnation? – a state where few things live, unexamined or not. This week we’ll be sharing what March is going to teach us, are we ready?

I started my refreshed meditation journey in January, and yes, I’m still practicing. It hasn’t been easy, sitting and trying to focus on resting with the breath, my monkey mind likes to throw scat every which way.


This month I’ll be ratcheting up my sessions to a half hour in the morning, and again around 9PM. Supposedly, it takes 15 to 20 minutes for stress and tension to calm down enough for one to be able to fully pay attention. I’ll also be attempting a new approach, which is to keep the eyes partially open. A method I’ve learned helps with focus – I’ll notice more quickly when my mind has strayed from focusing. We’ll see. After trying it a couple times – it’s tough, hello watering eyes – desperate to close!


Where am I getting my tips? A dude, Ken McLeod, was recommended by a fellow meditating friend, and my library had Wake Up to Your Life – I’m interested to see where his teachings lead me on my meditation journey.

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