LaFitterina’s Valentine Love Notes

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I hope your day is filled with Love and Happiness!

Today I’ve written some Valentine Love Notes befitting of MoveGirlGO –>

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Exercise Classes that I Love!
Oh my Beloved Exercise Classes, How do I love thee? — Let me list the ways . . .
I love anticipating each class beforehand.
I love arriving at the appointed class time (maybe a minute or 2 or 3 late).
I love finding just the right place for me in the room.
I love seeing the up-beat instructor and smiling friends.
I love the music, movement, and calories burned.
I love stretching at the end.
I love walking out of the class feeling glad it’s over.
I love the prospect of another class, very soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Body that I Love!
Oh my Poor Hardworking Body, How do I love thee? — Let me list the ways . . .
I love getting moving in the morning, finding all bodyparts are ready to work.
I love dressing up my body in spiffy exercise outfits.
I love feeding my body a nutrient-filled protein shake.
I love driving my body to the gym right on schedule.
I love seeing in the mirror that my body is hard at work, exercising.
I love realizing that my work-out is making my body stronger.
I love showering off my body’s sweat and grime.
I love letting my body relax.
I love giving my body 8 or 9+ hours of rejuvenating sleep.

[Img.Src: Women’s Exercise Class, 1937]

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