Let’s Get Rid of Stress, Today.

We all know what stress is – what it looks like, feels like and how it’s difficult to get out from under a stressful load. It’s invasive and pervasive and we need enjoyable ways to deal with stress fallout: fatigue, headaches, muscle pains, stomach & sleep problems, changes in sex drive, etc. If any of these sound all too familiar, then perhaps you’ll join in this week and share with us your fun ways of dealing with the kind of stress that peels paint from walls.


When a stress-filled moment comes knocking on my door I deal with the problem, not always gracefully mind you – but the job gets done. It’s afterwards that I deal with the anxiety and irritability using the most entertaining methods that come to hand. First off, I’ll brave the hordes at my local library and round-up a few books and DVDs – the anticipation of reading and/or watching BBC shows always lowers my stress level. Reading has saved my sanity more than once over the years, I’d list all the scenarios but that just seems too woe is me, yes? Suffice it to say, I’m most happy with a pile of prospective books.

My second end-of-the-week stress-buster is to don my electric blue striped running tights and hit the road for my long run of the week. And you know, sometimes I’m still unconvinced about a run bringing on endorphins because on some low days the only fun thing about a run is is that it gets done.

And my third method of wiping away stress is to break out the paints, scissors, glue, needle and thread and turn my mind to more pleasurable pursuits. Because we don’t want stress to win, we don’t want a blank record of our days and we sure as shinola don’t want large doctor bills. Fun, laughter, contemplation and a change of scenery – does the body good and kicks stressessessesss’ ass.

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