A New Impetus to Move

I’m here to give a SHOUT OUT to my old equipment I’ve acquired over the past decade. Hoorah for my 8 pound weights, my medicine ball, my ankle weights! Let’s hear it for the tennis ball who gets squished beneath my smellie feet as they push, squeeze and caress that furry sphere. And please, a standing ovation for the yoga mat that lies on the floor, helping me to stay balanced, stretch, sweat and breathe.

I’m appreciative that all these devices have given me an impetus to move, get strong, become supple and flexible and meet the world. As 2016 moves merrily along into its second month, I’m all for remembering where we’ve been as we move forward.

february_yogaI’ve got no new equipment to usher in the second month of the new year. I feel no need to acquire more apparatus; in fact—as I was doing my weights and yoga poses yesterday– I was giving messages of gratitude to the different items as they helped me.

What makes this year, this month different than others? I want to do something totally different—not necessarily wearing different training pants (whoopsie, that sounds quite youthful), or using high tech equipment or gear. But I’m getting out of my routine/comfort zone.

This is the trick: A trick to get me to mingle, to explore and discover, as well as exercise! This next Sunday, there is going to be a hike—advertised by the Sierra Club, starting very close to my place of abode. It requires googling maps to find the exact starting point, finding parking, and then walking with strangers.

But why mention this now? Because in this new year, it’s time for newness. Time for variety, time for me to reach out and get beyond the confines that I’ve set for myself. Before now, I was unaware that I gave myself such strict rules of behaviour. I’m now unleashed.

I’m gonna start dancing.

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