Keeping Healthy Blonde Hair

The last time that we talked about favorite body parts, I blathered on about ankles. This time, I’m switching to the top of my head, my crowning glory, my hair.

I’ve been a long-time fan of the Rapunzel heroine, most recently depicted in Tangled, because she’s a super-good reminder of the importance of maintaining a healthy head of hair.


Unfortunately, my childhood hair was horrible, characterized by home hair cuts and perms, and arbitrary restrictions on hair-washing frequency (1X weekly — my parents showed their love by invoking strict rules to show who’s boss) — agonizing!

After high school, I let my hair grow long and experimented with a product introduced in the 60’s called ‘Summer Blonde’.

Fast forward to present-day, and my hair is still magically blonde, with all the grey that started emerging at age 40 being camouflaged. I can’t complain about the grey because it adds good texture. To avoid hair loss and to encourage shine and body, I find myself babying my hair by limiting hair washing to every 2 or 3 days, using lots of conditioner, gently combing out tangles, and letting it air dry rather than blow drying. I try to avoid hair dryers and curling irons.

In closing, I found this 30-sec. meditation on hair.

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