Ankles to Please the Eye

My body and I get along pretty well, and the majority of my body parts are in acceptable working condition and basically “Good to GO!”. Let’s take inventory, shall we?

Shoulders & back – Musculature is good.
Chest – Surgical enhancement cured the inadequacies there.
Abs – Lots of crunches and planks contribute to keeping this area flat (ok, ok, I admit to a tummy tuck in 2010).
Butt – I can’t really see it, but I’ve been told it looks good.
Biceps & Triceps – Not bad, but I need to keep working on building more muscle to counteract the slackening upper arm skin.
Legs, calves & ankles – more or less terrific, thanks to my Mom’s genes.

pretty_anklesIf forced to pick my favorite body part, I’ll choose my ankles. They’re pleasing to the eye; however, their puny and weak structure makes them prone to sprain. 1st sprain as a youngster was memorable in many ways: My Dad drove me to the doctor who applied a little plaster cast. On the way home, my Dad told me I was brave and stopped to buy me an ice cream cone — which stuck in my mind forever because it was so completely out of character for him. Then, for the rest of my childhood, my parents recalled the incident of me nearly breaking my ankle on a little brick stair.

schwinn_bikeThis was followed by other ankle sprains, including a bad one that occurred on my inaugural ride down the block on my first 2-wheeler Schwinn bike. Trying to turn at the end of the block, the bike and I fell over and my mother came running, asking if my ankle was broken – “No”, I replied, “It’s just bent” which turned out to be an oft-repeated punch-line for years thereafter. Tragically, the bike was returned to Montgomery Wards and I never mastered riding a 2-wheeler.

None of my body parts are currently aching or giving out, which I recognize is an impermanent state. Right now everything from top to bottom is in the best shape I’ll ever be, but the years ahead will surely be characterized by aging and decline — 100% absolutely guaranteed!

[Img.Src: women’s ankles]

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