New & Old Exercises Reviewed



Gardening: preparing beds for planting involved hauling copious quantities of soil, shoveling, raking, hoeing, hands and knees weed operations—once or twice per week @ two hour sessions each.
Housework: at least one dozen trips up and down stairs, doing laundry, scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, dusting, vacuuming—once a week for 6 hours.
Personal Training: learning how to use different devises of weight lifting in order to increase muscle tone around joints (that have previously—and still currently—experience pain)–once a week.
Walking to Town: a 90 minute round trip to my downtown neighborhood. Have done this twice.


Yoga, Weights & Stretching: I learnt some gentle yoga moves last year, and have continued to incorporate them into my ‘at home’ exercise program—a combination of balancing and stretching moves to increase core strength and balance, weights for arms and knees—once a week.

The best ever exercise routine that I accomplished—about 3 years ago—was when I would workout on an elliptical machine for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes on a stationary bike, going through a circuit of weights for my arms,  a 30 minute swim, then reward myself with a session in the steam room – just in case I hadn’t sweated enough. I think I may have done that a total of 3 times. The routines stand out in my memory because of the excellent feeling I had afterwards—physical and mental well-being.

In 2014 I’ve lost between 4 and 7 pounds, since my weight-loss program is basically erratic. Of course my goal is to become more consistent with combining more activity with a lessening of the intake of food and drink. No duh.

On my drive home today, I thought of a good plan for my varying schedule. Since I find out my week’s activities on a Sunday evening, while writing out my hourly/daily work routine, I can incorporate yoga, weights, walking and gym times. Not forgetting art and gardening. One thing that is not going to be scheduled is making excuses. Right.

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