Focusing on an Elusive Goal

In our restless, sometimes ungovernable lives it’s a comforting thought that there are a few things under our control. Of course the list of controllable actions is very short, so let’s not get into that. Instead, this week, let’s focus on one elusive task that we’ve set our sights on achieving — it’s time to go for it, flat out if need be.


When I think about trying to focus on what elusive goal I want to share, it’s hard to pick one out of the chaos – does that happen to anyone else? So, I’m going to go with one that will, I think, make me feel more centered, more alive. And that’s running. But Mizzfit, I thought you ran all the time, why is it an elusive goal? Because everything fell apart in March, I let excuses be my guide, boy was I sorry for myself.

But no more. This week I start integrating running back into my life, make myself a wee bit better of a human by doing what makes me happy. It might be time to stop focusing on mileage, which can quickly lead to boredom. Instead, I’ll focus on slowly building back my stamina and incorporating yoga and strength training into my schedule to chase away monotony. I’m excited and ready, I think.

[Img.Src: Hubble Telescope Image]

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