New Year’s Getting Closer…


There are a few rituals that I like to stick to as part of ushering in the New Year. Here are 3 of them:

At the stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve, I always go outside to yell “HAP-PY NEW YEAR,” over and over as loud as possible, and listen to the yells of others doing the same. Being part of the celebration makes me feel good! I’ve done this since I was a kid.

On New Year’s Day, I always disassemble the holiday decorations, a ritual which also originates from my childhood — my parents treated this as a sort of New Year’s Day moral imperative. It takes surprisingly little time to dismantle the decorations compared to the hours spent to put them up, and it’s wonderful when everything’s packed and stashed away for next year. Then I always find some randomly-placed Xmas geegaw that needs to be put away.

Lastly, I always spend lots of time thinking up New Year’s Resolutions. Evidently, I did this in my youth as well — just now, looking through the Diary I kept at age of 14, I see there is an entry: “I think I shall make it a New Year’s resolution not to go to dances” (the previous day I had written “Dance was horrid”).

I hope everyone out there has loads of fun celebrating New Year’s and yelling “HAP-PY NEW YEAR”!

[Img.Src: fireworks]

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