Summer Art in The Park

This summer has been quite a motley crew of weather–from horrible highs to lovely lows. After a few heat waves that left me drained, I was very thankful for some weeks of very user-friendly days, where the highs stayed clear of the nineties and above. Still, my preferred time for any strenuous activity remained the cool mornings–and I was able to increase my pace when walking into town.


My friends and family, both near and far, heard me speak frequently about an art event that I was madly preparing for–which occurred just this past weekend. In the weeks previous to this 7 hour show, whose venue was the great outdoors, I kept checking what temperatures to expect. I figured that after all the lovely days of cool breezes that we were due for a hot spell of withering weather. Sure enough, heat predictions kept going up, up and up, and on the very day, we were sitting in 100 degree weather. At least we didn’t have humidity, right?

We set up the tent, table, chairs, panels and had all the art hung by the appointed hour. Happily, I had finished the paintings–accomplishing that huge goal gave a certain amount of satisfaction. Initially. When the time finally came to take down the display, my energy levels, as well as any satisfaction I’d felt, had completely evaporated–the anticipated day turned into brutal, self-inflicted torture.

My new goals are to keep creating, and find more efficient ways to get my art out in the world.

[Img.Src: Art Show, 1950]

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