The Allure of a Collection

The idea of collecting objects for the sake of collecting objects brings to mind my Mom’s hideous obsession with collecting owls of any sort, truly a motley assortment which embodied very bad taste and I never understood the allure.

So, in my head, I deny having collections of any sort. But, in reality, I do have a few — very tasteful, of course (IMHO). To elaborate . . .

I seem to gravitate towards boxes, which has resulted in a collection ranging in size from one quite large chest (can be used as a side table) down to one made for a key-chain.


My affinity for boxes inspired me to make some out of ceramics — a fun and pleasurable direction to take my pottery hobby (go to for more).


I also admit to having collected quite a number of vintage ladies handkerchiefs. They take up almost no space whatsoever, so this is the ideal collection for me. They can be taken out and admired for their beautiful materials and workmanship, a reminder of times-gone-by when they were treasured accessories. I have fleeting thoughts that I really should carry some hankies in my purse instead of the wadded-up crumpled kleenexes that are in there now. Then they all get tucked back into the corner of a drawer.


That just about sums it up for me regarding collections. Not my favorite thing.

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