Wear gratitude like a cloak…

wear gratitude like a cloak
I’m a morning person.  One thing I love about being up early is my aloneness. Getting out of bed and getting out of the house for a walk while everywhere is cool, dark, still and quiet is a rich peaceful meal to my soul.  I make my way to the beach breathing in the newness of the day.  I breathe deep.

Sometimes the moon is still up and she gleams in a new fashion in that dawn light than she did at dusk.  I live by a beach that faces east.  My iPhone lets me know what time sunrise will occur.  I don’t dawdle.  I usually have the beach to myself.  The sound of the surf eases the tension I carry in my shoulders, my breath lengthens.  The sand is soft and cool.

Bellows beachFlying over the dense low flora that grows along the beach are sometimes little owls hunting-I keep an eye out for them- they’re endangered so I’m eager for a sighting.  On a clear morning I will sit on the sand and watch for the first glimpse of when the sun flares out over the horizon. The magic of that light is magnificent.  I feel it’s expanse.  The light changes from moment to moment, inhale to exhale. I can move again and continue my walk, as the sun makes it’s way up the sky I make my way down the beach.

Lanikai beachThis is where I take stock and begin my gratitude prayer.  Each step I take on this glorious hunk of rock spinning in space.  Each breath that I consciously take with this amazing body machine.  The light that touches my face which matches my soul.  The day that lays out before me with endless possibilities for more of these riches.  The amazing people I am so fortunate to kiss, hug, laugh with and share all this life with… And turtle loving caught on tape.

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