Spring Refresh

On Saturday I went through my regular routine: got up, walked the dog, cycle class, and then coffee with a few friends after class. One friend noticed that I wasn’t my usual self in class, so asked if I was feeling ok. She was right; I had been struggling the last couple of days with a migraine. She then offered some advice – have I tried yoga? She is concerned that I am too stressed. I don’t feel stressed, but I can consider it.


So I take a look at the gym schedules to see how I can fit yoga into my week. There is an opportunity to try Tai Chi as well. The club describes Tai Chi as a class that has been refined into a slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise that stretches and tones the body, increases strength, flexibility and balance, improves circulation throughout the body and helps reduce stress and anxiety. The friendly and positive atmosphere will help you achieve the goals of finding peace of mind and harmonizing internal energy. That sounds awesome!

Right now I am looking forward to trying a few classes and seeing if one fits into my schedule. I think that a refresh on strengthening my mind, body, and spirit connection is a perfect seed to plant this spring.

[Img.Src: Tai Chi chart]

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