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Thanks, Mr. LaLanne

LaFitterina: Health-Hero Jack LaLanne popped into my head – he’s still alive, right? Nope, Google informed me that he lived in good health ’til 2011, attaining the age of 96. Here are some excerpts from his advice:


For more on this founder of the modern fitness movement, I found this article on Jack LaLanne. He spent his life being a terrific motivator. He worked out ’til the day he died. Be inspired!

Let’s Have Some Fun in Fall

Mizzfit: After a week of thoughts on Fall I thought I’d find out what folks consider fun Fall activities. What I found were many many many bucket lists all of them with the same content. I decided to create my own Autumn-centric list, and yes a few of those much listed items find their way here…oh well, onwards and upwards, not re-inventing the wheel here:

  • Have a Fall picnic – at the beach
  • Tour a battleship during San Francisco’s Fleet Week
  • Blow bubbles in the evening while watching an amazing sunset
  • Participate in a Food Drive
  • Cook up a great veggie-based chili
  • Visit an apple orchard
  • Volunteer at Pie Ranch, then attend their Potluck & Barn Dance
  • Knit/crochet a slouchy woolen hat from a Ravelry pattern
  • Attend the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco
  • Run a 5k/10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving
  • Be thankful until the cows come home

[Img.Src: Jack LaLanne]

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