Where Did all the Energy Go?

Is energy a state of mind? Can we will ourselves to have more energy? Do our energy levels have anything to do with our age? These are just a few of the questions we shall be pondering this week, as we share our thoughts on energy.


I woke up to rain, and instantly felt more alive – that’s what living in a drought-stricken area will do to a girl. Water is life, yo. A large part of my childhood could be said to have been spent in the water, churning out lengths in the afternoon during swim practice – and I loved every minute of it. We should be so lucky as adults to feel as we did when we were youngsters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not creaking around, hobbledy-hobbledy, but why does it take an early rain shower to make me realize how unremarkable every other morning has been? No excitement, no smile, no joy – and definitely, no chance of extra pep in my step.

Why my dears, that’s because of sleep. When the sandman is too sparing in his dusting of sleeping magic and our resting hours are too few, there’s a corresponding drop in our energy levels. It’s frustrating how a few hours less of shut-eye can do so much damage to motivation, self-discipline, will-power and most of all – rob us of energy. What to do? Well, in a few minutes I’ll be running in the rain — assessing how much energy the rain gives a girl, and for how long it sticks around after the run. I’ll keep you posted.

*    *    *    *    *    *

[[P.S. I got such a boost of energy from running in the rain that I could’ve powered a mid-sized city…such a big smile for the day!]]

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