8 Tips to Get You Moving

At some point in life we will all be starting something new. A new job, new relationship, new hobby, new school and a new workout. And we hope we will be prepared for our new start. There will be bravery, fear, excitement, worry, joy and a little trepidation. A few tips on how best to tackle a new challenge will be welcome, yes? So, this week we share our best tips for those embarking on a new workout regimen.

I like the word tip, it has such varying definitions: to overbalance, be the pointy edge, to strike something softly, a sum of money, a prediction, a garbage dump and of course: a small but useful piece of advice.


So before you lace up your takkies to start that new workout here are my tips to give you a heads up on what to expect, and a wee bit of motivation:

1. Prepare for chaffing. It happens when starting anything new, and particularly a new workout. To prevent chaffing, buy well made gear and try it on first – moving around to assess your friction points: dance for that changing room mirror and locate your hot spots. An ounce of prevention and all that.

2. Try multiple types of movement. How will you know what gets you jazzed if you don’t try it? That class you’ve always wanted to try? – sign up, show up and leave resistance at the door.

3. Are you solo or group oriented? Do others jazz you up, or bring you down? It’s helpful to know which when looking for a new workout. As a solo peep, signing up for Zumba might be a bad move, and as a group-ie cycling for miles alone instead of joining a club won’t keep you motivated. Know thyself and all that.


4. Know that you will have ups and downs while working out. Not even Simone Biles has perfect routines every single day. Keeping a workout journal helps to track your progress, moods, what brings you up, and what sends you down.

5. Have a 3 word motto that stands for what your heart desires. One that will boost you to try harder and remain on course. Mine is: Strength Endurance & Light.

6. Watch out for cars when exercising outside. Make sure they see you before you dash across the road – ’cause as a pedestrian you’re hard to see!

7. Make a playlist you can jam to on and off the track. I don’t listen to tunes anymore while running, safety and all that, but if I need a boost to get out the door I’ll put on my playlist, jump around and get that heart pumping.

8. Embrace the heck out of being healthy. You’re starting a new workout, so while at it: hug the crap outta all those veggies, fruit, proteins, whole grains, water, smoothies and superfoods. You’re stronger, you’re moving and with my good tips you are now sorted!

[Img.Src: Zumba Marine class, Hawaii]

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