Bring More Love Into Your Life

It’s a happy thing to be able to say that at this point in time I feel surrounded by people and things that I love and bring me love.


The dear man in my life lives only 45 minutes away to the South. My precious sister lives only 60 minutes away to the North. My niece/housemate lives only a short flight of stairs away directly beneath me. My home and garden are like personal eye candy on all sides of me. My car encompasses me with luxurious comfort and maneuverability.

To bring more love into my life, the following 5 things are what I’m trying to do:

  • When people ask ‘How are you?’, I try to say things to convey that ‘I love my life!’, which invariably generates a similar response and we both end up smiling and the day glows brighter.
  • Recognize beauty in my dealings with other people and in my surroundings.
  • Give more compliments to more people.
  • Give more gifts to more people.
  • Do more things for more people.

Love. Love. Love. — Is all we need, right?

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