My ever-loving best friend accepted me as I was, but at the same time was amazed that he finally found someone who loved him. He claimed to have idiosyncrasies, but I never saw them. The magnitude of his loving, open, exuberant, generous, funny, intelligent, wise and giving nature eclipsed all else.

dapper_dudeHe abundantly gave of himself in all ways. Life with him was never boring as he was the brilliant organizer of constant adventures: parties, cooking extravaganzas, day trips, road trips, camping, hiking to dizzy heights, flying to various and sundry places; a trip to a local shopping mall would turn into a magical event. He was an optimist—with a cynical logical streak—a most positive person who brought out that trait in me. Tendencies for negativity took a back seat as I caught his zest for life.

His unconditional love liberated me. I found myself living in a secure, fault-free zone—virtually shielded from off-hand remarks, criticism and nitpicking—so much so that I discovered all sorts of ways to branch out, tapping into previously squelched, murky territories to creatively express myself.

Recently I was happily reminded of my friend’s legacy of positivity. I need to keep my focus on his upbeat enthusiasm, energy and love centered in my heart—greeting each new day with that same sense of liberty, with my eyes pealed for opportunities to find cheer and joy. Get out of the murky depths of my mind, get back the positive + realize again how to grab hold of every chance for adventure.

[Img.Src: Dapper Dude, c.1900]

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