Go Get You Some Fun

I just got back from a solo trip to the beach, where I lolled around in the waves and on the sand. Just for an hour. Just for fun.

funfunWhen my younger more head-strong son was about 3 years old I realized both my boys were mini persons. They had their own agendas, ideas and wills that were as strong as my own. What they do for fun changes as they get older. They still have fun but the parameters have changed. The Legos, action figures and dinkie cars don’t get pulled out anymore. My elder son is like me and loves to be in the company of friends. My younger son is happy on his own, playing on his keyboard, video games and hanging out with me watching TV. I love how individual they are and each with their own sense of fun.

I think you have to work at having fun or be awake to every joyful moment you have throughout your day. I have no desire to be a grown-up if it means we outgrow having fun at some point every day or all day long. I especially don’t want my kids to grow up and neglect the necessity of having a freaking good time.

funfunfun_oceanMy boys and I enjoy going out to eat, and singing along to Michael Jackson songs in the car. Heading to the beach and swimming in the sea is so fun with ‘the boys’, wait, going to the beach and swimming in the sea is fun with anyone. Sharing meals with friends, going out dancing, hiking, cycling, running, walking, chatting on the phone for hours with far away loved ones… fun, fun, fun. Going to the north shore just for shave ice – fun. Yelling obscenities – in the safety of my car- at dumb drivers, and foreign tourists, so fun.

5fun_earthBlue skies, milkshakes, espresso, red wine, vodka tonic with lime, sushi, big fat burritos, spotting wild pigs and chickens on the side of the road on this island, this whole island, spring flowers, gardening, dogs, cats, picking up long missed loved ones from airports, sisters, mothers, babies, friends, rainbows, hot showers, old hairy fat men in speedos on the beach, traveling adventures, there is an endless ream of joy to be found and fun to be had. Go get you some.


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