Gratitude Makes the World Spin

It’s that time of the year, when folks in the USA get all fresh and cozy with gratitude. But don’t worry, we won’t be sharing exhaustive lists of what we are grateful for, aren’t you happy? Or dare we say it, grateful? Like charitable offerings, gratitude lists are best kept close to the heart where only we can ruminate and ponder their significance. So, instead of a list, this week we’re sharing our favorite quotes on gratitude, and what makes them special.

Can you order someone to be grateful? Say, thank-you. Remember that from childhood? Don’t just take the goods and run to play, you wretch, where are your manners? Being thankful is a learned habit, and if you didn’t get it right while in short pants, there are tonnes of quotes on-line directed towards adults, exhorting us to be grateful. Now, now, before that raised eyebrow crawls off your face, I am grateful – I just don’t want to be told to keep lists, and that it’s good for my health.

I much prefer this quote from Marcel Proust, a subtle reminder that our happiest moments happen with our favorite people – that we aren’t islands alone, struggling against the tide alone. So, that’s what I’ll be pondering and acting on this week – thinking about my most beloved peeps, and then finding ways to squeeze their faces off, or as close to it while separated by thousands of miles. May you too have folks who make your soul blossom. Thank-you, Mr. Proust.


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